Planning A Louisiana Disco Party

Louisiana is synonymous with Cajun cuisine, music, fun and parties. A Louisiana BBQ celebration is sure to be the perfect blend of old-fashioned recipes and new flavors introduced by visitors to the state. A Louisiana BBQ event can be a grand affair with guests arriving in hot-top cars or boats,boats and most certainly barbeques. Guests will enjoy great food, dancing and good times. Your Louisiana party planning ideas should include some fun activities for you and your guests.

Louisiana is a state full of soul and it has much history to offer

Your Louisiana parties are sure to be filled with fun and fabulous events celebrating this rich culture. If you want your Louisiana celebration to go down without a hitch, stick to these Dos and Don’ts when throwing your next Louisiana Style bash.

DO encourage visitors to come in their very own car

You will save a lot of time running around and checking out the local Louisiana clubs if everyone shows up in their personal car. You will also be able to serve them more responsibly and make for a smoother party experience. As well, it will give them an idea of what is all about so that they know exactly where to go for their entertainment needs. In addition, the DJ will have a better vantage point to set the tone for the night.

DON’T forget to play the right music during your Louisiana disco or party

If you have the songs already picked out for your Louisiana party, then that’s great. However, if you’re still looking for some fresh music to rock the night away, head over to the nearest radio station and pick some up! Most people like to dance to music that is made specifically for dancing. Whether its jazz or R&B, rock or pop, country or western, you should be able to find a song that will make your guests go wild.

DO call ahead if you have a special event taking place at your Louisiana disco or party

That way you can confirm that there are no problems with the space or for other important reasons. If you do your homework ahead of time, you won’t be sorry that you decided to throw a Louisiana party!

You’ll also want to plan your food and drinks in advance. Keep in mind that you will most likely have to spend a decent amount of money on your Louisiana party food. Usually a Louisiana themed buffet is the best bet, but don’t rule out a potluck as well. Just make sure that you plan what you’ll be serving so that you don’t leave any dishes un attended. That way everyone can enjoy themselves!